Before the Trip

Prior to departing for our Central America destinations, general and trip specific meetings allow for members to stay connected and informed. Outside of the meetings, various social events such as volleyball tournaments, dinners, and impromptu events create bonds between our members.

As the trips approach, with real-world scenarios to prepare them for possible situations members may encounter on our trip. Additionally, members can run for positions within the organization even before leaving for Panama.

 In regard to payment, the cost of the trip is around $1700.00 (all payments made towards Global Business Brigades are tax deductible) which encompasses all forms of transportation, including airfare, lodging, and food. For students in the College of Business, there is an automatic $250 scholarship applied to your university account following the trip. Active members have the possibility of receiving a $100 grant through the Student Organization Resource Fee (SORF) along with other fundraising opportunities throughout the year.


During the trip:

Upon arriving in their respective countries, members are immediately immersed in the country’s culture. The specific cities and general locations are determined closer to the date of the trip but the itineraries are fairly comparable. Each day, members will wake up to breakfast in the hostel where the group is lodged for the week. After breakfast, members will be bussed to nearby rural communities where they teach financial literacy, implement business strategies, and develop skills necessary to adapt to the different culture. Upon returning to the hostel each evening, consulting groups work on their cases and follow up with a large group meeting in order to set common goals for the days ahead.

The times where we are not directly working with families can be spent experiencing the wonders that each culture has to offer. Imagine sampling exotic cuisine, immersing yourself in traditional tribal dancing and tattoos, taking an exhilarating rain forest hike, and marveling at the wonders of the Old Ruin City of Panama City. These cultural experiences help shape the brigadier and add up to an unforgettable adventure.


After the trip:

Any brigadier can testify that the Global Business Brigades trip is truly a life changing experience. While the families and businesses benefit from our expertise and recommendations, our members gain skills and memories that will last a lifetime. You will return from the trip with a new global perspective, new relationships, and exposure to a different culture.

There are also professional incentives to join Global Business Brigades. Through this international consulting experience, our members are provided with great talking points in interviews. The knowledge and skills acquired from the trip will convey to recruiters qualities such as initiative, leadership, and ambition gained from seeing business applied in a different context. After such a life changing experience, many members continue to grow through leadership positions within our organization.

No matter what you do after the trip, the memories you have created through Global Business Brigades will stay with you forever. Not to mention, each member will receive one graded credit hour for attending the trip